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: > > > This is women in history month at our school and I need material on women
: > > > who have done significant research in the biological sciences.  All the female
: > > > researhers I know of are still alive and hence not yet history.
: > > 
: How about Barbara McClintock-  a pioneer in genetics.  Or Mary Shorey-
: who published a paper in 1909. "The effect of the destruction of
: peripheral areas on the differentiation of the neuroblasts" J. Exp.
: Zool 7: 25-64 that was repeated by V. Hamburger in 1934---- Hamburger
: is the one who got famous for the work; although he is careful to cite
: Shorey in his 1934 paper.

: Also there is Hilda Mangold (remember reading about Spemann and Mangold
: in embryology?) who is cited extensively for her work on primary
: induction (of the nervous system).

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