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Wed Apr 12 14:18:27 EST 1995

I was struck by someone's comments who said she would probably laugh out
loud if a job or grant applicant listed among her achievements during the
last year bearing one infant and raising another, but that without that
qualification her own productivity wasn't up to her own standards.  (I
paraphrase.)  It occured to me that if we do not claim such activities as
major accomplishments, who else will accord them that status?  I know what
kind of replies will come back to this, but it reminds me of the
illustration in Greening of America of the automobile company executive
who was concerned about the environment, so he contributed to Greenpeace. 
The point was that he was in a position to do something significant about
his concern, but felt like he could not act in the capacity in which he
could be most effective.  In stead he chose to act in practically his
least effective role, as an anonymous contributor to a large organization.
  If nowhere else, at the end of our resumes we should have sections that
list our accomplishments in terms of what we are most proud of no matter
what area of our lives is involved.
Donna J. Carty

"To be perfect is to change often."  John Cardinal Neuman 

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