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In article <199504121906.MAA09518 at net.bio.net>, KDRAEGER at INS.INFONET.NET (Kathy Draeger) writes:
> I found this brief article in the DesMoine Register, April 11th.  One of the
> most frustrating things about science reporting in the media is that they
> never site THE STUDY  or  who did THE RESEARCH.  This misuse of scientific
> research results by popular media is having the effect of causing some
> non-science people to discredit research altogether.

I don't know where it came from, but I heard about it on the radio, and
the female talkshow host was indignant, too, but I thought it was kinda
> "Research shows men are more cheerful than women and husbands are smarter
> than their wives, said psycohologist Dr. Joyce Brothers during a speech in
> Springfield, Mo., on Saturday.  She also said that men tend to foucs on
> their good qualities while women focus on their faults...."    The article
> went on to say that men see Arnold Shwarzenegger when they look into the
> mirror.  
> And is it just my perception that these studies reflect poorly on women?
> This is about the 3rd supposed "Research" news peice (or news bite) I've
> read in the last month that reflects poorly on women.

I actually think that if people think about it, that it is more insulting
to men, and probably is true, that men look for women who are not as smart-
I am pretty sure that is how it was worded.  That men look for women who
are not as smart, and that women look for men who "are smarter".  I know
in my situation, I certainly looked for a man who I thought was smart,
although I wouldn't say "smarter" (after all, I am the one going for the
PhD ;)    ).  However, I know many instances where men have married women
who are not as smart, because they are more secure in their "manhood" that
way.  Men who are not secure with themselves must marry women who do not
threaten them, but smart women don't feel "threatened" by intelligence in
a spouse.  This, of course, is not always true.  However, it is kinda funny (to
me, anyway) when my husband tells people that I am getting my Ph.D., since
then I will be the "Doctor" in the family instead of the husband.  He gets
some light teasing about it, which doesn't bother him since he is proud of
me and comfortable with where he is at.

Just my $.02   :)   But a fun topic to debate, none the less!!!


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