After brachiopods then what?

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Thu Apr 13 22:27:54 EST 1995

In <x9dz.5.000AE1F3 at UNBSJ.CA>, x9dz at UNBSJ.CA (SHOVA RANI DHAR) writes:
>I posted earlier outlining my research in brachiopod energetics and to my 
>dismay no one seems to have any interest in this topic. I am in the writing 
>up stage and I realize how isolated I have been throughout my research. I 
>would like to continue my career in science but perhaps not in this 
>immediate field and definitely not with these animals.  How difficult is it 
>to 'switch horses' in your research?  Will this hinder PhD placement?  Any 
>advice would be greatly appreciated.

My wife (who graduated cum laude in Biology) suggests, a bit tongue in cheek
that you pick something "either warm and cuddly or endangered" if you want 
those research dollars.

-- Bob T.

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