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> Kathy Draeger says:
> >>>And is it just my perception that these studies reflect poorly on
> women?
> This is about the 3rd supposed "Research" news peice (or news bite) I've
> read in the last month that reflects poorly on women.<<<
> It's not just you, it's the backlash. Have you read Susan Faludi's book
> yet? The example you cite is just one of many in which "research" has been
> distorted and used to blame the women's movement, feminism, and women
> themselves for various social ills, unhappiness, etc.
> Sherry Marts
> American Health Assistance Foundation

Of course it is, but the wealth of research that reflects badly on men (I
could post then times the three you have seen) is of course, the truth.

"Research" has been misused to blame the women's movement, men, blacks,
whites, Jews, coffee, sex, Nintendo, for everything from global warming to
genocide. It's not a backlash, just bad pseudo-science. As for Susan
Faludi's book, I'll see your Faludi and raise you a Paglia. Both have a
political agenda, and both ought not to be sampled without a plentiful
supply of salt.


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