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Good Idea of your science teacher!

I remember that I always got bored in front of school or university walls
presenting pictures, names and time tables of male researchers.

Beside the so far named R. Franklin, B. Maclintock and M. Menten of this
century, I like to introduce the first entymologist of the modern world,
also famous in botany (Linne and Goethe copied her):


You can study her picture on front of the German 500 DM note.

Pardon me that I don't know exactly if she lived and worked in 16xx or
17xx (no 500 DM to check that),but you might find her in a good enzyclopaedia.

As first person in modern European history, she described the metamorphosis
of insects; in her later years, she brought first descriptions of plants
and animals of Surinam (Netherlands-Guayana, South America) back to Europe
from her travels.

Other names in my mind: Rachel Carson(biology), Louise Meitner(nuclear

And I know that the German Association of Women in Natural Sciences and
Engineering (NUT - Frauen in Naturwissenschaft und Technik e.V.) has 
created a wall poster with famous women in that field. I don't know the
whole adress, but you might reach them with the following adress:

Frauen in Naturwissenschaft und Technik e.V.
10000 Berlin
Federal Republic of Germany

Good luck and much fun!


"That you're paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you!"

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