TV Movie Producers Looking for True Stories About Women Heroes

Murray Cohen yarrum at
Thu Apr 20 23:11:53 EST 1995

We are producers of television and film in Los Angeles with movies in
development at  NBC, TriStar Television and Universal Pictures.  

Recently, we¹ve been successful selling  true stories for television
movies and we¹re now looking to option other true stories.    We¹re
specifically looking for stories that involve women as heroes.  These can
include true crime where a woman is the protagonist (e.g. a mother who
will not rest until her daughter¹s (sister¹s, mother¹s) killer is brought
to justice),  or stories of women who stand up to a system like the story
of Silkwood, or other stories where a woman faces incredible obstacles and
emerges victorious.  The hero should also face personal jeopardy along the
way, i.e. she is afraid for her own survival (physical, emotional or
economic survival) but continues on her quest.  

Examples of movies we¹ve optioned or sold are the true story of a 
seventeen year old girl who, against all odds, brings her mother¹ killer
to justice and the life story of a mother, who, after her daughter dies of
anorexia, starts one of the foremost eating disorder clinics in the

We write to you because it seems you  are often aware of interesting cases
before the national media.  If you know of any cases that you think would
make a good TV movie, we¹d like to hear from you.  If you don¹t have
anything in mind right now, we¹d like you to be on the look out for these
stories in the future.   

What¹s in it for you?  If we proceed with your story, together we¹ll
further research it and shape it into a two hour dramatic structure and we
will then  pitch to the networks.  If the movie is made, you will receive
an on-screen credit and a fee.  

Please email to:    
                                yarrum at

Please include your name, address and phone number.  

We look forward to reading your stories.

Murray Cohen

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