Fairview HS, Boulder CO grd

Donna Munoz O'Regan dmoregan at genpharm.com
Tue Apr 25 16:30:26 EST 1995

                                                      Iguana Mail
                                                Fairview HS, Boulder CO grds
I was just wondering, it's been ages since I've talked with anyone that I went
to high school with.  I didn't appreciate the science I took while I was there,
it wasn't until college that I got hooked on biology.  Is there anyone out there
that went to Fairview High School in Boulder Colorado from the class of 1980 or
1981?  Let's compare notes on our experiences.
email:  dmoregan at genpharm.com

Here's hoping, there may be other scientists out there.
Donna Munoz-O'Regan

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