adveritsers abusing the net

J Thompson jet14 at
Tue Apr 25 15:18:08 EST 1995

In Article <199504241722.KAA18854 at>, U64520 at UICVM.CC.UIC.EDU wrote:
>Is there a way to discourage advertisers from abusing this bulletin board?
>I'm referring to the ad placed by Magical Connections entitled DON'T BE
>LONELY ANY LONGER.  What a jerk!

    It is often advocated to _not_ reply to the original message on the
board (and I should talk right here... ;-) and to e-mail a reply back at the
original sender, including the full text, your sentiments on USENET ads (and
maybe as much other clutter you feel like including). Enough reponses from
people who don't want that garbage will severly inhibit them from continuing.
    In that particular case, by the time I saw that message, the
originator's ID had ceased to exist. Now, if that was due to AOL yanking
their account, or just a hit 'n run on the net, I'm not sure.               

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