adveritsers abusing the net

desidia at desidia at
Wed Apr 26 13:15:05 EST 1995

There is a way to discourage abusers from posting crap:

Instead of fretting over posts like this, we all should take a cool
approach to the problem.  Whenever i see a message like "Make quick
cash!", "Don't be Lonely!", "Earn $50,000 a week!" or something along those 
lines, i forward the message to the postmaster where the message 
originated from.  

If the offensive message originated at an academic institution, then the 
offender is in a lot of trouble. 
Academic institutions have a policy about having their computer resources 
misused.  It is likely that after receiving complaints, the offenders 
lose their accounts, and in addition experience the wrath of some 
disciplinary committee.  So, for the good of the net, if you see a 
commercial message posted by idiot at, forward the message 
with a piece of your mind to postmaster at  You will be doing 
everyone a favor.  

This is better than posting irated messages to this newsgroup, because
it wastes one of the most precious things we have -bandwidth, as does 
posting a reply and including the whole darn prior post when not needed.


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