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Lori Kohlstaedt kohlstaedt at
Sat Apr 29 14:12:25 EST 1995

I just thought I'd add a little prespective from the next level up. 
Professors don't get paid what we're worth either.  The University of
California payscale, for example, is such that assistant professors get
<$40K (9 months) at the beginning.  Professors are often on either a nine
month salary or entirely on soft money.  It doesn't mean much to advance in
rank (and salary) if you can't afford to pay yourself out of your grants at
full time.  

To return to the postdoc salary issue, I know of professors that go without
a portion of their own pay to partially pay postdocs, RAships for grad
students, etc.  So if you're not making what you deserve, you might consider
that your professor may not be being miserly -- things are tough all over in
terms of grant funding.

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