which way to go?

SLForsburg susan_forsburg at qm.salk.edu
Wed Aug 2 09:08:39 EST 1995

Rosetty at Microserve.com (Rosetty) wrote:
>best should I concentrate my PhD....in the direction I LIKE or in the directin
>that will get me employment?  Thanks...Susan

I think pre-judging what sub-speciality will be "employable" is 
impossibile these days.  All it takes is one news release from CELL, 
SCIENCE or  NATURE identifying a new area of research and 
everything can go topsy turvy.  My advice is do what you like 
and do it well, and take pains to be well-rounded because you 
can't tell what will be employable in the future.

Although neuroscience does seem to be on a roll.... ;-)

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