which way to go?

Rosetty Rosetty at Microserve.com
Wed Aug 2 02:07:38 EST 1995

Hi...I need some advice regarding which direction to take in terms of a PhD in
an area of Biology.  Where does my interest lie???? Most definitely in that are
of microbiology and immunology.  However, I have been forewarned by my mentors
in my Masters program that this is not the most "employable" of areas.  Are
they right?  My goal is to TEACH on a fulltime, college level....I teach
parttime now...and LOVE IT.  ON the other hand I am soon to be divorced and the
mother of three young kids.  I would appreciate any comments or advice.  Where
best should I concentrate my PhD....in the direction I LIKE or in the directin
that will get me employment?  Thanks...Susan

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