which way to go?

Mon Aug 7 10:45:21 EST 1995

 It is not just a matter of getting employment, it's a matter of keeping 
 it!!. Nowadays most colleges and universities  employ Ph.D's at the level 
 of Assistant professors. These scientist are expected to  have a fully 
 funded research program within two years of being employed. If you don't 
 get any grants they will quickly get rid of you, and with the amount of 
 money being cut from federal programs each year, the competition for 
 grants is getting pretty tough.
 If that is really what you want to do go ahead, I think that doing 
 research and teaching is an ideal situation, but beware: it won't be 

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Subject: Re: which way to go?
Author:  mrtour at stud.med.cornell.edu at INTERNET
Date:    8/7/95 11:01 AM

In article <9508027658 at microserve.com>, Rosetty at Microserve.com (Rosetty) wrote:
> Hi...I need some advice regarding which direction to take in terms of a PhD in
> an area of Biology.  Where does my interest lie???? Most definitely in 
that are
> of microbiology and immunology.  However, I have been forewarned by my mentors
> in my Masters program that this is not the most "employable" of areas.  Are 
> they right?  My goal is to TEACH on a fulltime, college level....I teach
> parttime now...and LOVE IT.  ON the other hand I am soon to be divorced 
and the
> mother of three young kids.  I would appreciate any comments or advice.  Where
> best should I concentrate my PhD....in the direction I LIKE or in the directin
> that will get me employment?  Thanks...Susan 
Since when is Microbiology and Immunology subjects not employable?  I 
think your mentor is not in either field (is this true?) or is 
bitter.....perhaps it is the teaching part that your mentor is speaking 
about....i don't think medical science has as much problems with 
employment as say, mathematics....go with what you enjoy...why be 
michelle (someday I'll graduate too)
or Michelle

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