Day Care Disease Prevention

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Mon Aug 7 13:03:49 EST 1995

Try the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA, for a start.

If you want to interview people who are bloody busy then you have to offer them
a reasonable reward: a contribution to the day-care center, for example. You
also have to design an interview strategy which gives you
repsondent-to-respondent comparable results (not easy!).

Public health journals will be useful: Harvard and  Johns Hopkins

both publish. Medline should be of assistance. Educational journals will help.

USE your library's resources!! Your librarians will help; and don't rely on
interviews unless you have a sound theoretical justification for them - you can
adopt a humanist perspective if you like, which will get you out of the
statistics trap, but you still have to solve the problem of rewarding your

You might have a look at the journal: Science, Society, Medicine; or at J.
Environmental Health, also.

(Dr.) Katherine J. Kaye

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