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Joy Frestedt frest001 at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU
Mon Aug 7 11:38:51 EST 1995

Please be forewarned that PhD programs generally are hostile places for 
women, especially women with children.  I don't know what your master's 
program was like and cannot predict specifically what will happen to you 
in any individual PhD program, but the words of women around the world are 
convincing: women leave science because of the unfriendly, male structured 
system of rewards and discouragement.  I wish you well, but with "three 
young children"  I would NOT encourage you to enter this rat race.  If you 
do, I would DEFINITELY encourage you to enter something you truely enjoy 
because the harsh realities of the system are discouraging enough - you 
must be happy and healthy for your family!  The employment situation is 
drastically changing and none of us can predict where it will be after the 
5-7 years of your full-time PhD program.  You should also consider WORK in 
lieu of PHD training, as I'm sure you already have.  Good Luck

On Wed, 2 Aug 1995 02:07:38 EST, 
Rosetty  <Rosetty at Microserve.com> wrote:
>Hi...I need some advice regarding which direction to take in terms of a PhD in
>an area of Biology.  Where does my interest lie???? Most definitely in that are
>of microbiology and immunology.  However, I have been forewarned by my mentors
>in my Masters program that this is not the most "employable" of areas.  Are
>they right?  My goal is to TEACH on a fulltime, college level....I teach
>parttime now...and LOVE IT.  ON the other hand I am soon to be divorced and the
>mother of three young kids.  I would appreciate any comments or advice.  Where
>best should I concentrate my PhD....in the direction I LIKE or in the directin
>that will get me employment?  Thanks...Susan

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