How to apply for a postdoc?

Sherri Fraser sfraser at
Wed Aug 9 11:41:37 EST 1995

	I am a PhD student at the University of Calgary, Alberta,
Canada.  I am planning on being finished in about a year and will
be trying to get a postdoc in the states.  I feel very
uninformed/naive about how to go about getting information on
places to work, and how to actually apply for a postdoc.  I have
no idea what funding is available, or how to apply for it.  I am
also wondering what the current feelings are on women in
molecular biology taking maternity leave in their postdoc.  In
other words, is it frowned upon?  How do you ask a prospective
supervisor about things like that without losing all chance of
getting the position?
	If anybody has any ideas on how to get some of this
information, or could get me started on what to do, please E-mail
me (preferably) or post to this group.
	Thanks a lot in advance.
Sherri Fraser

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