women scientists choices

Rosetty Rosetty at Microserve.com
Sat Aug 12 15:34:01 EST 1995

Hi...why would many young women in their thirties leave science careers?  I
thought that is obvious.......despite what we want to believe...many of us are
still tied down to family and all of its obligations, whether they be directly
related to children, obligations to parents or husbands...whose careers often
come first!!!!!  One point I would like to stress has to do with the growing
numbers of single mothers!! As a woman going through a divorce with a man who
wants to coparent....I am in the difficult sppot of having to remain in a
specific geographic area so that the children can have contact with their
father!  This does not affort any career mobility!  I wonder how many women
scientists are affected by this one single factor! susan

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