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Lucy De Pieri lucydp at haven.uniserve.com
Wed Aug 16 13:48:18 EST 1995

In article <95081256041 at microserve.com>, Rosetty at Microserve.com says...
>Hi...why would many young women in their thirties leave science careers?  I
>thought that is obvious.......despite what we want to believe...many of us are
>still tied down to family and all of its obligations, whether they be directly
>related to children, obligations to parents or husbands...whose careers often
>come first!!!!!  One point I would like to stress has to do with the growing
>numbers of single mothers!! As a woman going through a divorce with a man who
>wants to coparent....I am in the difficult sppot of having to remain in a
>specific geographic area so that the children can have contact with their
>father!  This does not affort any career mobility!  I wonder how many women
>scientists are affected by this one single factor! susan
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Hi Susan,
after a PhD and 4 years PostDoc, I really wonder, at times, why I bothered to 
study science. I had a baby 18 months ago and now life has really changed!!
I have been looking for a job in the environment/biology area (preferably heavy metals in the environment)
since last november, with no luck yet. Fingers crossed, I hope something will change.
I wish you a lot of luck. Lucy

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