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Wed Aug 16 12:23:16 EST 1995

Please forward this post to your friends, family and colleagues in the SF
Bay Area.

One out of every nine women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime.

It could be someone you know.  It could be you.  

Your help is needed for a study that will help breast cancer survivors and
all women.

Dr. Loren Eskenazi, a woman plastic surgeon who specializes breast
reconstructive surgery, is conducting a pioneering study to determine the
natural curve, size and shape of the female breast. 

Dr. Eskenazi's scientific study will give a bell-curve range of normal
breast size and shape.   Curves, like these, already exist for noses, eyes
and jaws. 
The data will be used as input for breast implant designs and will also be
used to create better fitting brassieres and clothing.

Grapefruit shaped breasts are not normal.  Yet these images from magazines
are all that breast implant manufactures and clothing designers have had
to work from.

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED.  Women of all races, ages, sizes and shapes are
sought as volunteers to be scanned to help with the creation of this

Scans are done with a Cyberware 3-D range scanner and a SGI workstation. 
The private, confidential, 3-D laser light scan is non-toxic, supervised
by a woman physician, and takes less that 30 seconds.  All results are
completely anonymous and used only for the group database.  

Interested women, please call for scan times and dates at Dr. Eskenazi’s
2100 Webster Street, San Francisco office.  415-923-3067

The results of this study could make a big difference to someone you love.

Please forward this message to other bay area women or women’s groups who
might be interested in helping.

Thank you,

Dr. Loren Eskenazi

Dr. Loren Eskenazi
2100 Webster Street, Suite 318
San Francisco, CA 94115

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