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> Hello, I am a graduate student in Genetics at the George Washington 
> University in Washington DC.  Can anyone point me to the local (or 
> national) chapter of the Association of Women in Science?  It has been 
> recommended to me as a valuable resource for the female grad student/ 
> future scientist.  I would appreciate any help!
> thanks for your time, 
> marykk

Graduate Women in Science is a 73 year old organization dedicated to the
support of women in science.  It has fellowships for women starting their
careers, publish a quarterly Bulletin, have local chapters, a yearly
Meeting, and more.  It is completely a volunteer organization, and the
you learn here help you survive in ways that they didn't teach you in
school.  To find out more about Graduate Women in Science, send a
message to our secretary, Doris Brown, at dcbrown at  .

There is also a listserve for graduate women in science.  It is great.
 To contribute to the discussion, send a message to gwis at, and
"All" in your subject heading.  To join the discussion group for the
first time, or change/delete your address, contact sheri_cole at som-  .  Remember, every message you send to gwis at goes to
everyone on the listserve (over 200 members).  Allow up to one week for
to take effect.  Do not use this as a bulletin board to post announcements,
this is for discussion only.  To suggest a new topic, send a message to me
sheri_cole at   .  We discuss a new topic each week.

Hope this is helpful.

Jean Lee
Channing Lab, Boston
jclee at

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