proper acknowledgment for tech

Amy B iamab at
Sat Dec 2 00:21:31 EST 1995

I have a question concerning authorship vs acknowledgment for a technician who 
was paid to write the computer program to analyse data.  He did it under the 
direction of a statistician who is a 2nd author on the project.  A lot of work 
was involved, but the technician did not actually design any of the analysis.

My inclination is to be generous and list the tech as 3rd author (there would 
then be 4, with me as first).  One reason is that the tech is a 
quasi-permanent person in our department whose job is to develop software for 
faculty and who has been very helpful troubleshooting glitches for me over the 
past several years.  He's rather insecure (understandable considering the low 
pay and relative instability of his job as well as the fact that he has to 
answer to all of the faculty) and I want to keep him happy since I rely on him 
for fixinf computer problems.  

Considering that he was paid as a consultant on the project in question, and 
that he did not contribute ideas to the project, what do you all think about 

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