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jcoleman at msvax.mssm.edu jcoleman at msvax.mssm.edu
Fri Dec 1 19:14:07 EST 1995

Is it just me ...or does anyone else find it insulting that people on here 
think that women are limited in science because they have husbands and
children....? And if we want to go to a conference, we have to ASK our
husbands if it's ok, if they'll watch the kids.....I think this is SO
self-defeating, a self inflicted bias....Do men think about their wives and
the children before they plan to write a paper or go to a conference? Do they
have to make sure their wives will help out with the kids before they paln
their science???? One post insisted that we lose a lot of freedom to do
what we want because of our husbands and kids......let me tell you...if you
lose the ability to do what you wanted, you are the only one responsible!!
We lose because we think we are imposing if we ask our husbands to take care
of the kids....let me tell you people - it's not imposing, it's part of his
job as husband and father...don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Men have
been forcing all child care responsiblies on women for a long time so they
can do what THEY want...I say it's about time we learn to stand up for
ourselves. " we are not all born with the same advantages" ?!?!?! Well
those advantages certainly are not dependant on GENDER. No wonder men aren't
taking us seriously as scientists...hearing the way you guys are talking...
I don't even take you very seriously!

Jen Coleman

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