women and men in science etc

Catherine Patterson cpatterson at WATSON.PRINCETON.EDU
Sat Dec 2 09:40:36 EST 1995

jcoleman at msvax.mssm.edu says:

>Is it just me ...or does anyone else find it insulting that people on here
>think that women are limited in science because they have husbands and
>children....? And if we want to go to a conference, we have to ASK our
>husbands if it's ok, if they'll watch the kids.....I think this is SO
>self-defeating, a self inflicted bias....Do men think about their wives and
>those advantages certainly are not dependant on GENDER. No wonder men aren't
>taking us seriously as scientists...hearing the way you guys are talking...
>I don't even take you very seriously!
>Jen Coleman

I feel this is a little aggressive, for no real reason.  The fact remains
the _women_ are the half of the couple that become pregnant - there is no
choice in that.  And, there are steps that need to be taken to protect the
mother and fetus.

It takes all kinds to make the world as it is.  Everyone's goals are
different and no one person is necessarily right or wrong.  So relax, and
feel good about yourself.

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