women and men in science etc

Lisa M. Detora ldtr at uhura.cc.rochester.edu
Sat Dec 2 22:20:18 EST 1995

In <49o5of$scf at news.cuny.edu> jcoleman at msvax.mssm.edu writ

 " we are not all born with the same advantages" ?!?!?! Well
>those advantages certainly are not dependant on GENDER. No wonder men aren't
>taking us seriously as scientists...hearing the way you guys are talking...
>I don't even take you very seriously!

>Jen Coleman

It's not just you, lots of women don't like facing the fact that women and
men are never equal in a society which has been entirely run by men for
hundreds of years.  That doesn't just go away.

This doesn't have to do with ability or skill or talent.  it has to do with
the sorts of things people expect, and the sorts of things we have all been
educated to associate with respectability, and gender roles, expertise and

And when we live in a country where as recently as the 1930's congress
considered banning married women from paid work, I think we all need to face
facts.  Women are not treated as equals in society and therefore have to
deal with more of the responsibility for the private and all the "cleanup"
that men don't want to do.

Unfortunately this includes childrearing and housework.

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