How to cite e-mail?

Jessie Micales jmicales at
Mon Dec 4 17:01:17 EST 1995

>One of my students is writing a paper. She got
>information over e-mail from a scientist with
>IBM. She has his permission to quote from the
>message in her paper, but how should she cite
>it? I suggested using "personal communication"
>in the body of the paper, but what about the
>Literature Cited section? I don't remember ever
>giving any citation for personal communications
>in that section.

>Pat Bowne

As you suspect, "personal communications" should be mentioned in the body of 
the text but not in the literature cited.  Check the "Guide to authors" of 
the journal to see if they have any additional requirements.  I've seen some 
journals that want the text of the "personal communication."  I guess they 
keep it on file somewhere.

Jessie Micales
Forest Products Laboratory
Madison, WI

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