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: >>Hello, I am a fifth year genetics major at U.C. Davis, and I am writing
: >a paper that relates to women and science. ......[snip]  or if you can
: >give me some further direction where to go with my 
: >>research on this topic.  I need information from both sides of the
: >issue, 

V.A. Partridge (740271p at wrote:
: Try a book by Londa Schiebinger called "The Mind Has No Sex?" 

	I actually just finished a paper on a similar topic (which I will 
post for comments once I get it properly formatted) so I've got quite a 
few sources for you.  I found three issues of Science magazine (vol 255, 
260, 263) with special sections on "Women in Science."  They were quite 
helpful to me.  Good luck!

							-Jane :-)
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