women & men in science etc.

Mon Dec 4 23:38:41 EST 1995

Hiya Jen!  You certainly stimulated discussion!  So, let me add my 0.02$:
I aggree with most of what you said  Up to your question about those that
say they don't get as much done but have I life - what does that mean?
Your science is no good?  I concur with another poster who I perceive would
alter this quote to tha fact that other things take an important place in
one's life doesn't necessarily mean that my sciece suffers.  My hubbie and
I are both workaholic DINKs.  He's got a real job ;') and I'm a grad student.
Both of us have a pact not to work on Sun.  Why?  Because we need to
re4charge our batteries by doing other things, take care of our house, or
even do nothing.  And, even without kids our relationship is important to
nuture.  Since I work with cells, I might have been able to finish up sooner
if I was a 7day worker, but so what?  I also sucumb to the law of diminishing
returns.  And on those days when just nothing is going right - I'm all
thumbs - rather than slog thru and probably end up repeating the experiment
I go home and read or do laundry and don't worry about a day getting away.
Those of us who've "got a life" can do science too - if you've got the
energy, go for it!  Being a liberal arts grad I guess puts me in this frame
of mind.  I think that science is better done on flextime anyway.

Whew!  The typing is atrocious and the content is long-winded!

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