Would part-time science help?

SLForsburg susan_forsburg at qm.salk.edu
Wed Dec 6 16:29:45 EST 1995

Pita Enriquez Harris <enriquez at sable.ox.ac.uk> wrote:

>There are surely enough of us who want don't want to be
> ego-maniacs, who want a normal life, with time for ourselves
> and our kids, to pressurise the various interested parties into
> accepting a change in the way scientist 
>live. Why SHOULD we have to give up our work? Why SHOULD we allow the 
>field to be dominated by the kind of people we all know run things? Why 
>SHOULD we have to become like that if we want to succeed?

Sadly, because in the competitive '90s, there are many other people
who will if we dont.  Because faculty positions get hundreds of
applicants. And thus there are people willing to do anything to
get that job and do their work.

I'm not defending it, mind you, but that's how I see it....


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