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Tue Dec 5 23:20:03 EST 1995

In article <199512050438.UAA11908 at net.bio.net>, U15767 at UICVM.CC.UIC.EDU writes:
>Hiya Jen!  You certainly stimulated discussion!  So, let me add my 0.02$:
>I aggree with most of what you said  Up to your question about those that
>say they don't get as much done but have I life - what does that mean?
>Your science is no good?  I concur with another poster who I perceive would
>alter this quote to tha fact that other things take an important place in
>one's life doesn't necessarily mean that my sciece suffers.  My hubbie and
>I are both workaholic DINKs.  He's got a real job ;') and I'm a grad student.
>Both of us have a pact not to work on Sun.  Why?  Because we need to
>re4charge our batteries by doing other things, take care of our house, or
>even do nothing.  And, even without kids our relationship is important to
>nuture.  Since I work with cells, I might have been able to finish up sooner
>if I was a 7day worker, but so what?  I also sucumb to the law of diminishing
>returns.  And on those days when just nothing is going right - I'm all
>thumbs - rather than slog thru and probably end up repeating the experiment
>I go home and read or do laundry and don't worry about a day getting away.
>Those of us who've "got a life" can do science too - if you've got the
>energy, go for it!  Being a liberal arts grad I guess puts me in this frame
>of mind.  I think that science is better done on flextime anyway.
>Whew!  The typing is atrocious and the content is long-winded!
My but I've started a firestorm haven't I? *wink* that's cool, every newsgroup
can use a little conflict. I also leave aside one day when my husband and I
don't work...it's Saturday  and we plan our day together which is cool. Also I
have found that immunocytochemistry does NOT work after 8pm...and many
experiments refuse to cooperate on Sunday as well...I have chosen to respect
this law of nature :-)


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