women and men in science etc

Rachelle J. Bienstock rachelle at picard.niehs.nih.gov
Fri Dec 8 09:43:50 EST 1995

Life is about choices and while others make different
choices than us, we must respect them for their choices.
I think the problem in today's world is that for many
people parenthood isn't a well thought out choice...

This is exactly what the woman's movement fought for-
for women to have self-fulfilling choices and not to
have to follow a cookie-cutter role..

So, Robbin, I respect your decision and anyone who
asks you when you are going to have children is very
narrow-minded, and inconsiderate...People are very annoying
when they do this, because sometimes it is the case
that people want children and are unable to have them
(although not true in your case..).

I think that regardless of our choices as women,
we all deserve to be respected as scientists for what
we have to contribute. People should not think that
we are less serious scientists because we have children,
nor should they expect us to have and want children
to fulfill ourselves.


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