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In article <Pine.SOL.3.91.951209113444.5728A-100000 at boris.ucdavis.edu>, Neo Martinez <szmrtnz at peseta.ucdavis.edu> writes:
>	One voice we haven't heard from on this thread is that of women
>who have found partners/husbands/fathers/nannies that do *most* of the
>child rearing work.  Men often appear to be comfortable parenting with a
>person that is less professionally ambitious and very supportive.  Do
>scientifically ambitious women who want children ever find themselves a
>less professionally ambitious partner that supports the women's career? 
>Seems to me like a great way to deal with kids and a career but does this
>society make it impossible? 
>		-neo
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Well I certainly cannot comment on my husband's future career , at the moment
we have such a situation...I am the more ambitious as far as career goes...and
he is ULTRA supportive of me...my career has been the focus of location for a
while now and will continue to be. He is very laid back about career...he's not
sure what he wants to do yet and is satisfied with working to earn money at the
moment...I would certainly support him if he decided to actively pursue a
difficult career but he's not ready for that yet. He loves kids, and I think
would have no problem have a large portion of the child care duties. So this
situation does exist and I think is becoming more common.... I wouldn'
t say I "chose" a less career ambitious partner...it sort of happened that
way...I think we are really opposites and that attracted us....I am very
science, very concrete, very fact...he is a theatre/film major he is very
liberal arts, very abstract, very subjective.  He is very organized, very neat,
 non-confrontational....I am messy, never balanced a checkbook in my life,
very confrontational....he is extroverted, the stand-up comedian, center of
attention...I am quieter, more introverted in public  etc.. I am Type A, he is
Type B.....but it works for us...we have different talents and temperaments, we


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