"Independent" Readers - Studmuffins calender??

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     Information can be found at their website.  The URL is:
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Subject: "Independent" Readers - Studmuffins calender??
Author:  PABRHS at leeds.ac.uk (R.H. Smith) at Internet-Mail
Date:    12/15/95 15:39

Hello - anyone out there read the Independent (UK) section two on 
thursday??? There was a Yesterday Was.... a good day for scientists 
article about the imminent publication of a "Studmuffins of Science 
1996" calendar - At the risk of offending the more politically 
correct amongst us, our lab is in dire need of this publication....
Has anybody heard of it - or even seen it???? is it a uk or usa 
publication ??  Best of all does anyone know where we can get hold 
of one?? (the Mr Darcy pictures are needing to be replaced..)
hope someone can help us!! please email me if you have any details
Rachel Smith
Plant centre, University of Leeds, UK.

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