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Ronald Frank (lifesci at wrote:
: I am a student at the University of Missouri at Rolla (biology major) 
: working on my department's web page.  I have included many journals and 
: other university connections to facilitate research.  I would also like 
: to include a short note at the end of that section about citing the 
: information found on the web for a paper.  If any one could send me a 
: format for this citation, it would be greatly appreciated.

: Thanks!

: Amy Jones  
		amyjones at or lifesci at


Here's the stuff I pulled off my library groups:


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Subject: Re: How to cite a page on the World Wide Web

At 04:32 PM 12/6/95 -0700, you wrote:
>     Can anyone tell me what information is included (and how it is
>formatted) when citing a page on the World Wide Web?  My husband asked me
>about this, and I think I may have seen something on this topic on
>AUTOCAT a while back--but I really don't remember for sure!
>     Thanks in advance for your help!
>Jenny Rayson
>University of Texas at El Paso

The following are three Web sites about how to cite sources on the Internet:

Citation Style for Internet Sources by Mark Wainwright

MLA-Style Citations of Electronic Sources, by Janice R. Walker

A Brief Citation Guide for Internet Sources in Histroy and the Humanities is:

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Subject: Re: How to cite a page on the World Wide Web

Here is a site for APA-style Web citation:

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