pro/contra co-education

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Mon Dec 18 03:00:27 EST 1995

Some time ago there had been a discussion in this group on the value of 
coeducation or single sex classes - especially, whether girls do better in 
science if they have been tought in an "all girls" environment. 
Unfortunately I have not saved any of the comments on this subject. A few 
days ago my sister (who is a highschool teacher for English and French) 
asked me about my oninion on this subject as she had been discussing it 
with her pupils. When I told her about some comments I had read in this 
news-group she said she'd love to have some of these postings to use them 
in her classes.
Now I'd like to ask, whethter anybody saved any of these messages and 
could mail them to me, or whether any of you could mail  her opinion on 
this subject.
You can contact me at
          guenzel at
Thank you, Dorothee

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