Scientific Studs

Brian W. Tague taguebw at
Tue Dec 19 07:34:15 EST 1995

chale at SAGE.NRRI.UMN.EDU ("Cindy Hale") wrote:
>Our local paper in Duluth, MN carried an article about the 'Studmuffins of 
>Science" calendar.  I think it's a great idea and I certainly want one for 
>MY office!
>It is being carried nationwide by Borders Bookstores (alas, we have none in 
>Duluth).  It can also be ordered through the Exploratorium store in San 
>Francisco at 800-359-9899.
>Cindy Hale
>Natural Resources Research Institute
>University of Minnesota

I couldn't help but wonder....
What would be the reaction to a similar calendar featuring women in

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