Help! I need a biotech job in CA (bay area)

Becky Allaire allaire at
Tue Dec 19 11:11:24 EST 1995

I was laid off in July 1995 from a company specializing in ELISA kits
for use in transplantation problems. I was doing ELISA assay research
and development and mammalian cell culture (hybridoma development). 
I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology (minor in Animal Science), and
a Master of Science in Plant Pathology (1993). I have tried to keep my
skills broad by working with bacteria, plants, and mammals. I know
molecular biology, tissue culture, microscopy, and general computer use
(of course).

I have been searching the internet for positions and have found many
useful sites, including the Bay Area Bioresource Center and San Jose 
Mercury News Classifieds. I have contacted temporary agencies, and
recruiters. Unfortunately, I don't have a network going. 

If anyone would like to help (PLEASE!), my e-mail is
"allaire at". I would like to hear comments about who is
hiring or thinking of hiring (even on a temporary basis), and
what you think about going from biotechnology into management.

By the way, I can't move out of the bay because my husband
finally started getting serious about his career and now has a
position. I don't want to discourage him.

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