What about female "Studmuffins"?

Ingrid Ennis ennis at lincoln.ac.nz
Thu Dec 21 15:55:29 EST 1995

HI All,

In reference to the following thread about "studmuffins"...

  Would this happen if it was a
>calendar showing women, or would we get the same old same old (rigid
>stereotypes of female beauty)?  

>I would be only cautiously optimistic that it would be done well, and
>if it was done poorly, it would do harm, rather than good, for the
>image of women in science.  

>>Cindy Hale

I really don't think women (or men) are helped by being paraded as purely 
bodies. HOwever showing pictures of men is different from pictures of women 
IMHO, because of the different levels of power held in society and because of 
the different histories of the use of women's and men's bodies as objects. Men 
are often depicted as strong, rugged, active etc., in other words able to do 
heaps, and I have never seen a man in a picture that was demeaning (I have't 
been exposed to much porn by choice, I am talking about in the more general 

On the other hand women are often depicted in positions of powerlessness 
(waiting to be 'taken' or at least available as sex objects .Ugghh) and 
usually in passive poses, often in demeaning poses. I am aware that many 
people wont agree with me, and I feel compelled to present these points in 
spite of this, to broaden the discussion rather to than incite people.

For the record I wont be buying either calendar.

Have a good Xmas break, all of you out there!


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