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>chale at SAGE.NRRI.UMN.EDU ("Cindy Hale") wrote:
>>Our local paper in Duluth, MN carried an article about the 'Studmuffins of 
>>Science" calendar.  I think it's a great idea and I certainly want one for 
>>MY office!
>>It is being carried nationwide by Borders Bookstores (alas, we have none in 
>>Duluth).  It can also be ordered through the Exploratorium store in San 
>>Francisco at 800-359-9899.
>>Cindy Hale
>>Natural Resources Research Institute
>>University of Minnesota

>I couldn't help but wonder....
>What would be the reaction to a similar calendar featuring women in

Our department just did a joke calander "Men of Molecular Medicine"
with many of the males of the department (including our HOD) in poses
of various taste and discretion (all very funny). As the departmental
"rug muncher" :) [I never heard this term befroe and I kindof like it,
although carpet masticator brings to mind mites adn other wee
beasties]  I was included in man drag.  It has been obscenely
succesful in the depertment, and although its release is only local it
is a great idea.  

A "Babes of Mol Med" is being planned for next year-just to keep the
scores even.


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