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Sorry for the off-topic post, but this may be useful to a number of you.

On 18 Dec 1995, Julia Frugoli wrote:

> From:          junekk at (JuneKK)
> Subject:       Re: FREE SEX PICTURES & VIDEOS
> Date:          18 Dec 1995 07:51:02 -0500
> Don't bother-it came on every newsgruop I subscribe to-it's a spam and 
> the perpetrators are long gone.  The price of internet acess is 
> beginning to include receiving junk like this.

That's not necessarily so...there *are* resources available to users to
combat inappropriate posts & spam (excessive cross posting) on newsgroups. 

If you can, forward the post to the user's postmaster, keeping the headers
completely intact.  This makes it easier to trace the account.  If the
spam came from creep at, you would forward it to
postmaster at  You should also Cc: the communication to
the spammer so (s)he knows you have notified the postmaster. 

Explain the problem to the postmaster (i.e. b.w-i-b is for the discussion
of gender issues in science, not pornographic materials).  Ask the
postmaster to speak to the user about inappropriate advertising on the
Internet, and to redirect them to more appropriate forums for their ads. 
You may also point out that the only way for Usenet to remain useful is
for all of us to work at keeping posts to newsgroups on-topic.  Finally,
ask the postmaster if the article can be cancelled so that it no longer
inconveniences the readers of the group. 

Don't yell & scream at the postmaster, because (s)he may not even be aware
of the problem yet.  And no matter what else you do, DO NOT repost the
spam or your replies to it to newsgroups!  Ads very often are cross-
posted to numerous groups, who are just as annoyed as b.w-i-b and replies
to spam only increase the problem.  Remove all newsgroups from the
headers of your communication. 

Usually this is enough to get the spam cancelled and the offender's
account may be terminated (AOL has guidelines against the use of it's
accounts for commercial purposes, as do .edu, .mil, and .gov sites) If the
postmaster is unresponsive, you may forward the spam and a description of
the problem to  I have not personally used this
avenue, and don't know that much about it except that they deal with net
abuse reports and work to cancel spams.

Remember--postmasters can be your friends & self-policing of newsgroups 

Good luck,

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