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Beth Shuster eoshuster at UCDAVIS.EDU
Wed Feb 1 18:55:46 EST 1995

On Feb 1, Joanne wrote:
...> One piece of
>advice given was to research the going rates for the
>particular position:  i.e. salary for your qualifications.
>My question is where can you get this type of information
>without asking your friends and colleagues what salary
>they are earning? ...

  Although scientific journals & newspapers (i.e., Science, Nature, The
Scientist, Biotechnology, etc.) occasionally publish salary surveys, the
categories are often too broad to be useful in negotiating for a specific
position, and may be out of date by the time they are published.  There
really is no substitute for talking to people actually in the field.  If
you do not want to ask a friend/colleague what their specific salary is,
you might ask what the salary range is for a similar position - that way
you don't have to put them directly on the spot.  However, in serious
salary negotiations, it is always nice to have specific figures to back up
your claim that your request is reasonable. 
Friends/colleagues/acquaintances involved in hiring people for similar
positions are also good sources of information - and you would not be
asking them to reveal their own salary.  


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