bjford: who he? why?

Hadass Eviatar eviatar at
Wed Feb 1 13:36:17 EST 1995

Terry.Parks at (Terry Parks) wrote:
> >I am interested in the work
> >and opinions of women in the biomedical sciences. 
> Why, other than overt sexism, do you feel female biomedical scientists
> are inherently superior to male biomedical scientists? Second,
> could you indicate how you figure out the gender behind biomedical science
> achievements? And third, haven't you heard, people who study good
> science rather than "female science" earn more money.

Who said that female biomedical scientists are inherently superiour
to male biomedical scientists? I certainly didn't. I don't believe in
"female science", either. What I did say was that I was interested
in the work and opinions of women in the biomedical sciences, which
is why I follow this newsgroup, as well as others. I am equally 
interested in the opinions of those men who are sufficiently interested
in the subject to post here. If you aren't interested, why don't you 
just delete it from your list? This sort of pathetic attempt at 
intellectual terrorism will get you nowhere. 

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