Any ideas for EYH presentation

Helen Lyons hlyons at
Wed Feb 1 19:17:22 EST 1995

In article <3golrj$qaa at>, jl_bryant at (Janet Bryant) wrote:
> any suggestions for lively look  into the world of science that I 
> can package for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders?  I've also asked in the other
> science newsgroups, but really value the opinions of this forum
> because most of you (:-)  were once 6th grade girls and can help
> me remember how to get their attention.....  
Dear Janet,

When I was at school (in the UK) the physics teacher made me stand on some
books with my hand on the Van der Graaf hair (long) went
straight up in the air much to everyone's amusement.  We watched bromine
fill a glass jar in air,and compared to in a vacuum. We watched a feather
fall at the same speed as a penny...also in a vacuated glass jar.

In biology, we collected saliva...our own of course...and mixed it with
starchin the presence and absence of HCl, then stained for starch with
iodine...of course the starch was only digested in the presence of
acid...At a seminar very like the one you are doing I saw a researcher
chop up liver and put it in a large cylinder.  She then added hydrogen
peroxide and everything frothed up all over the place as the liver
peroxidase enzymes converted peroxidase to 02...nice and messy!

These are the things that immediately come to mind, and we're talking at
least 12/13 years ago..I'm now doing a PhD in
pharmacology/biochemistry...Any other ?s, please ask.



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