Any ideas for EYH presentation

carol schumann cschuman at
Thu Feb 2 14:24:45 EST 1995

Julia A. Keith (Julia.A.Keith at DARTMOUTH.EDU) wrote:
: Janet Bryants request for a middle school level presentation aimed at girls set
: me thinking.  My daughter is in 6th grade, and she, like me when I was in jr
: high, is in love with animals.  In talking to two recent PhDs, both women, they
: said that they both wanted to be veterinarians when they were in high school
: (me too!).  So I pursued this a little further and found that two of the three
: undergraduate women working in our lab (we do plant genetics) came to college
: as pre-vet majors.  I don't know if there's a pattern here, but it seemed like
: and interesting way to get middle school girls into science......
: Anyone else have experiences to add?

I am also a plant geneticist who once wanted to be a veterinarian.  I've 
participated in Expanding Your Horizons for the past several years as a
career panelist, and there are always lots of participants who want to
be vets.  I've had good luck relating the story of my high school 
internship with a vet (in which I fainted during the first surgery
I observed and the vet had to catch me on the way down....), and now
I work with plants.  The point of the story being to find out as much
as they possibly can about a potential career before being committed
to it.  

This doesn't help any as far as ideas for demonstrations, but does add
support to the "girls want to be vets" theory.  I think EYH is 
a great program that tries to reach young women at an important
time in their lives (in Nebraska it's directed at grades 7-9), and would
urge anyone who has the opportunity to serve as a panelist to do so!


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