does technical writing anyone mean anyone???

Sheryl White slw at
Fri Feb 3 09:59:30 EST 1995

Cathy Quinones (quinones at orchid.UCSC.EDU) wrote:

: Because I so please?  Because (if you had a clue of what this newsgroup is
: about) you'd realize men read it too?

: I think this mass posting of one-liners by one person is what I meant by
: "dominating the discussion".  It gets pretty boring after a couple, you
: know?

: Welcome to my killfile ;)

  You took the words right out of my mouth!  I don't know who the heck 
this Terry Parks person is or if they are of the male or female 
persuasion, but I can tell you one thing: Posting one-liners behind 
select pieces of text without really trying to have a discussion about 
something are a quick way into my kill file too.  I like to see a little 
more maturity and intelligence conveyed in the typical post myself.  If 
you have a point to make then do so!  Don't waste our bandwidth with this 
nonsense.  By the way, Terry's posts DO convey a sense of intolerance of 
others views, the very thing she/he purports to dislike.  Go figure.

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