M.D. seeks position in CANCER RES

Jana Briestanska jana.briestanska at img.cas.cz
Sat Feb 4 18:12:20 EST 1995

My  name  is  Jana  Briestanska,  M.D.,  (grad.  in  1988),  I am
a woman-scientist seeking  postdoc position and  highly motivated
in cancer  research or molecular  genetics of oncogenes. I have
5 years of  experience in cloning,  sequencing, PCR, CAT  assays,
tissue  cultures  (transfections),  in  vivo  induction of tumors
(chicken model), immunoprecipitation.

My  current  research  deals  with  regulation  of src expression
influenced  by presence  of various  parts of  src 3'untranslated
region,  3'UTR,  (deletion  and  CAT  analysis,  now  prepared to
publication). Recently I tackled at detection of new open reading
frame  in  3'UTR  of  src.  As  to  used  methods I developed new
approach how to obtain recombinant DNA (see list of publications).

This  message includes curriculum vitae as well as 3 letters of
recommendation. I prefer human model and am ready to come

My address is:

               email:  jana.briestanska at img.cas.cz


                 FAX:  (422) 24 310 955


          snail mail:  Jana Briestanska, M.D.
                       Institute of Molecular Genetics
                       Flemingovo n. 2
                       166 37 Prague 6
                       Czech Republic

Curriculum vitae:

1982-1988:  School of  Medicine University  of J.E.Purkyne (today
            University of Masaryk), Brno, Czech Republic

1983-1988:  Department  of Biology at  the same school as student

1988-1995:  Institute of Molecular Genetics Prague,Czech Republic
            1990: Genetics engineering methods training course in
            Riga, Latvia (supported by UNESCO)
            1994: 5  weeks of visit  in Institute Curie-Biologie,
            Orsay, France.


            J.Briestanska   1990.    Microtubular   dynamics   of
            Saccharomyces     cerevisiae    temperature-sensitive
            secretory   mutants:   The    sec   1   product   and
            polymerization of microtubules.  Folia Biologica. 36,

            J.Briestanska,  and   J.Svoboda  1993.  The   use  of
            directed  ligation   for  obtaining  high   yield  of
            recombinant  DNA  and   for  efficient  transcloning.
            Biotechniques. 15, 220-222.

            J.Briestanska, and J.Plachy 1995. Regulation of tumor
            growth  induced  by  src  with  various  parts of its
            3'untranslated region (in preparation).

            B.Yatsula,    J.Geryk,    J.Briestanska,   I.Karakoz,
            J.Svoboda,  A.V.Rynditch.  G.Calothy,  and  P.Dezelee
            1994. Origin  and evolution of  the c-src transducing
            avian  sarcoma   virus  PR  2257.   J.Gen.Virol.  75,

            P.Dezelee,  J.Barnier,    J.Briestanska,   J.Geryk,
            I.Karakoz, A.A.Michailik, J.Nehyba, B.A.Yatsula, A.V.
            Rynditch, G.Calothy, and J.Svoboda  1994. New case of
            c-src gene  transduction: The generation  of virus PR
            2257. Folia Biologica. 40, 211-223.


            M.Havelkova, J.Briestanska, J.Filkuka 1984. Polyploid
            nuclei  in  yeast  protoplasts.  IX  Biological Days.
            Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic (in Czech).

            M.Havelkova, and J.Briestanska 1986. Cytospectrophoto
            metry  - a  method convenient  for measuring  minimal
            amounts of DNA. IX Days of Medical Biophysics. Karlov,
            Czech Republic (in Czech).

            M.Havelkova,  and  J.Briestanska  1987.  Microtubular
            structures in yeast protoplasts. X Biological Days.
            Brno, Czech Republic (in Czech).


            In 1988  I was awarded  by the minister  of education
            for excellent  study results and  scientific activity
            in School of Medicine in Brno, Czech Republic.

                    Letter of recommendation I

     Jana Briestanska,  M.D., already during  her studies on  the
School of Medicine became interested  in research in the field of
molecular  biology  of  cancer.  (This  is  rather  unusual - for
medicine  students  a  career  in  research  or  teaching  is not
attractive at all).

     Shortly after receiving her M.D. degree, she started working
in the  Institute of Molecular Genetics,  Prague. She learned the
principles and  methods of molecular genetics;  she also attended
courses on molecular biology.

     Jana Briestanska  is a very  enthusiastic scientist, working
every day till late hours. She  succeeded to develop a new method
for  producing recombinant  DNA. The  topics of  her work  is the
3'noncoding segment of src gene,  in which she discovered several
regulatory elements  and indeed confirmed their  function both in
in  vitro  as  well  as   in  in  vivo  experiments  in  chicken.
Manuscripts for publication are in preparation. Molecular biology
of cancer is all time the centre of all her interests.

     J. B. is a person sticking  to her strict principles; she is
critical  to others  as well  as to  herself. She  is a  nice and
communicative person.

     I  am  sure  that  J.  B.  is  a  talented  and  prospectful
scientist.  No doubt,  a longer  stay in  a good institute abroad
would greatly stimulate her further scientific growth. Thus I can
recommend her application indeed sincerely.

January 20, 1995

                              prof.Jan Zavada, Ph. D.

                            Institute of Molecular Genetics
                              Academy of Sciences of C.R.

                                   Flemingovo n. 2
                             166 37 Prague, Czech Republic

                            FAX: (422) 24 310 955
                            E-mail: zavada at img.cas.cz


                    Letter of recommendation II

                 Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic

                       Department of Biology

To whom it may concern

     I have  known Jana Briestanska, M.D.,  since she entered the
Faculty of Medicine in Brno. She was one of the best students
in  her year.  From the  very beginning  of her  studies, she was
deeply  interested in  science and,  as a  student-voluntier, she
joined  a research  team at  the Department  of Biology  studying
yeast   cytology,   with   particular   interest   in  cell  wall
regeneration   and  cytoskeleton   functions.  She   showed  good
laboratory skills  and experimental invention. She  was a gifted,
self-disciplined and determined student willing to spend her free
time in the laboratory. I have been told that she shows that same
quality  and attitude  in her  present work  at the  Institute of
Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague.

     I can recommend Jana Briestanska, M.D., a talented and hard-
working researcher, to any biological laboratory.

                           prof.A.Svoboda, M.D.,Ph.D.

                           FAX: (425) 421 262 00

                    Letter of recommendation III

Worked out by Jiri Plachy. Ph.D.

     J Briestanska,  M.D., has been  working in the  Institute of
Molecular  Genetics  since  1988.  In  this  place  she  attained
experience in  methods of molecular  genetics namely in  cloning,
sequencing   and  PCR   techniques.  She   proved  her   research
independence also by establishing  new methodical approach in our
lab  that has  not been  used yet  (J.Briestanska and  J.Svoboda,
1993. The use  of directed ligation for obtaining  high yields of
recombinant  DNA and  for efficient  transcloning. Biotechniques.
15,  220-222.). She  uses a  tissue culture  techniques in vitro,
too, and she participated in in vivo experiments on defined lines
of chickens.

     I co-worked with Dr.Briestanska last two years on regulation
of tumor growth induced by inoculation of plasmid constructs with
src  oncogene via  3'untranslated region.  In this  time I got to
know her  as a woman-colleague  with a great  working motivation,
wide scientific horizon, and  critical approach to interpretation
of experimental data.

                             Dr.J.Plachy, Ph.D.

                             Institute of Molecular Genetics
                             Academy of Sciences of C.R.
                             Flemingovo n. 2
                             166 37 Prague 6, Czech Republic

                             FAX: (422) 24 310 955

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