equal pay

Sheryl White slw at med.uvm.edu
Fri Feb 3 15:58:49 EST 1995

Julia A. Keith (Julia.A.Keith at DARTMOUTH.EDU) wrote:
: --Harpo wrote:
: My own observation in my line of work has been that women have been less 
: interested, overall, to focus on making a lot of money than men. They 
: love getting more income, they are just less willing to make the 
: sacrifices, stay at work late at night, etc. to make that income. Maybe 
: that is because they require a more balanced life for themself, or 
: perhaps because they do not look at themselves as the primary 
: provider. That is very fine with me - but then they should not 
: complain they make less money! 
: --- end of quoted material ---

:The census observation that never married women earn more just reinforces the
:fact that we often earn less because many of us shoulder all the
:responsibilities in a relationship, while most men pull less than half their
:weight (of the 30% of men who "help out out home, 90% of them do less than 
 10% of the housework, childcare,etc-see November 1994 "Working Woman" 
 magazine. )
:This same issue also pointed out that men who are seen as having a "balanced"
:life often are penalized in the paycheck too.

Julia, I think you are quite right here.  For some reason, some people 
feel that married women are not serious about their careers (especially 
if they DARE to have children), but it's perfectly o.k. and normal to be 
a man with a family and have a serious career.  I believe that is what that 
census statistic is revealing...unmarried women are perceived as "career" 
types and are paid on the same level as a man.  When I married last year, 
instead of the congratulations one would expect from co-workers I felt 
rather a disappointment eminating from some people (particularly the 
older male mentors) and some concerned comments about how this would 
affect my work.  I don't believe my husband's coworkers treated him in 
this manner, however.
   Harpo's comments are the usual drivel used to justify why men make 
more than women of the same rank.  They work harder, they stay longer and 
the remainder of that load of hogwash.  I say what should count and be 
rewarded is productivity.  If I can do something in half the time and 
with half the effort it takes Harpo, then I should be paid twice as much, 
simple as that.  I see no point in rewarding people who are pretending to 
work hard, but don't actually accomplish much, which is exactly the game 
of some folks.  My .02 on this hot topic,

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