advice for girls interested in a career in science or math

A. F. Treloar at
Sun Feb 5 15:08:09 EST 1995


     I have been involved in more than a few "introduce-children-to-
careers-in-science" functions.  There are a couple of paths you can
1.  Find working women scientist/speakers from the nearest large
pharmaceutical company, biotech company or university.  One of the
greatests impressions you can make on a girl is for her to see that a
woman has been successful in science and loves what she does.  She
should include how she got to be a scientist (education, training,
etc...).  If you can get some mentors for the older girls, that will
help tremendously.  

2.  A favorite trick used by many women scientist/speakers is to have
the teacher ask the group to draw a picture of a scientist prior to the
talk.  They are again asked to do the same after the talk.  99% of the
time, the first pictures are of old white men in a labcoat!  The
subsequent pictures are a great deal more diverse.

3.  Don't scare them by saying that these are male-dominated fields!! 
They will most likely think that they have to be super-woman to even
study science or math.  Do encourage them to do things like
internships, and to get involved in science/math clubs in and out of

4.  Stress that there are many fields of science and math.  They may
not like botany, but enjoy learning about the brain.  There is
something for everyone.

I hope this will help you out.
A. Treloar     

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