teratogen exposure

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Mon Feb 6 11:48:09 EST 1995

In article <p8+b78t.brunker at delphi.com>, Marla Brunker <brunker at delphi.com>
> Pat Wilson <paw at coos.dartmouth.edu> writes:
> >Huh?  *Too dangerous*?  Ok - crossing the street is "too dangerous", 
> 	Moreover, we aren't exactly in these labs to sweep up; presumaby
> WE know (or *should* know) what the teratogens are, how to protect
> ourselves, whether there's a hazard or not, as well or better than anyone
> in the place.
> 	Who did you think was going to handle this? OSHA? Your boss? Well,
> they might, but it's *your* @ss - who's got the motivation here? It's your
> job, for the same reason sky divers pack their own parachutes.

OK, so what about the case I mentioned, where I happened to wander into the
lounge/meeting room one day and found that a graduate student was heating
ethidium bromide in the same microwave used for food? Whose responsibility
was that? Mine? Hers? Our boss's? I was choosing to avoid that particular
chemical myself while pregnant, but it never occurred to me that I would
also have to avoid using the "food" microwave.

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