Any ideas for EYH presentation

A. Murray AMURRAY at
Tue Feb 7 11:00:56 EST 1995

martens_me at MRICD4.APGEA.ARMY.MIL wrote:
> I have never heard of "Expanding Your Horizons" but it sounds like a
> wonderful program.  Who is its sponsor and how do I find out whether
> the program is available in my (or my niece's) geographic area?
> Margaret

If EYH is not available in your area (and I'd never heard of it
either :-) )  there may be other organizations that do similar
programmes.  At my Alma mater there is a group called WISEST
which stands for something like Women in Scholarship Engineering,
Science and Technology (its the T that I've forgotten the meaning of)
This group was involved with highschools to bring girls onto the 
University campus to show them the variety of programmes offered in
the sciences, and to meet some of the women on campus.  I think some
of the girls also did some work in some of the labs - and, of course,
not only for female professors :-)

A. Murray

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